Why Customized Bottled Water Is A Great Investment For Companies To Promote Their Business!

Have you been to a meeting and was instantly impressed by their hospitality and company souvenirs?

A water bottle with the company’s logo is one of them and the most commonly given. 

If you’re looking for new ways to establish your brand as a power company, bringing added advertising value at the same time, hesitate no more- get your own customized business bottled water to leave an impactful impression during corporate meetings!

Not just great to have them in your office, they are wonderful marketing materials for larger events such as roadshows, conventions, or even parties!

Staying hydrated is key to good health, staying lean, and increasing energy levels.

Since the start of time, health experts and beauty gurus have been stressing the importance of drinking sufficient water.

Office workers have been reported to be under-drinking water due to long hours of work in an air-con environment hence not necessarily feeling thirst, but actually, end up being severely dehydrated every day. 

Give your business and brand an advertising edge. Labeled bottled water can help you reach unexpected markets and your target audience. While outbound advertising techniques can be intrusive and obsolete, customized bottled water support a great health cause, promoting something everything wants and needs, succinctly. 

As an affordable alternative to expensive marketing campaigns, bottled water with a logo gives your customers something they can actually use and costs far less than other strategies!


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What we can offer you

1. Bottle Size: 350ml
2. Bottle Cap Color: White
3. Customized Label Design / Brand Logo
4. 100% recyclable, both bottle and cap


Why Our Customized Bottled Water Is The Best Choice

Premium private label water bottle quality
Our bottles are fully recyclable and designed with just enough tenacity to withhold large amounts of water that is still light to carry around. The cap is tight and firm but made convenient to remove and close. Guan Chun Ding supports the green movement and highly encourages users to recycle or reuse the bottles. Function and environmental-friendliness are top of our mind when it comes to choosing our products. Our caps are also 100% recyclable. 

Sleek design to suit your branding needs
We love designs! And after personalizing for many corporates, we are able to give advice and direction on how to end up with attractive and innovative customized bottled water labels! Submit your design and we will translate it to print labels that will optimize the marketing success of your product. We always encourage customers to have unique designs that make their bottles with labels stand out from others, personal touch, and something meaningfully unique hence always works! 

Quality label printing
We take pride in quality printing! Our labels are with A grade ink and lamination for waterproof protection. We understand that a brand’s logo is their story and we handle each and every work with great care. We strive to produce the best labels for both functionality and design, that our customers can be proud to distribute and share.
Pure and safe water
Our water is processed using modern filtration and purification techniques that make it odorless and crystal clear. We want to give our clients the best and safest water that refreshes them from the first very sip, walking them through a healthier lifestyle!



custom label bottled water

It has never been easier to create an order online. You can either send us your own artwork or design or create something from scratch, if you need our expertise, we’re more than happy to help! Simply select the product you're looking for, create your customized bottled water design, choose your size and quantity, and leave the rest to us! We'll print and ship your unique and brilliant custom label bottled water creations directly to your doorstep.

We strongly believe that your satisfaction is the key ingredient to our business success. We will do everything we can to ensure that you are happy with the finished result. Customize your order today!