Finding Singapore's Most Traditional Childhood Biscuits, Snacks & Pastries

Old Is Gold…Snacks Included!

Singapore is renowned for having a culture obsessed with food and snacks, or anything mouth watering for that matter, and we start them young.

As fast paced as we Singporeans are, hopping onto the fast train of the very next “trend food”, there is no doubt that there will always be bouts of aching and nostalgia for food in the past, as we reminisce about childhood snacks that we all know and grew up with. And there’s something about the original and old school that always warms the cockles of our hearts and hits the right spots.

Singaporeans light up and are instantly transported back to the time when we were kids at the mention of some food like Haw flakes, mini chocolate cakes, Ice gem, Ice lollies, or even the infamous ‘“cigarette” bob dog sweet.

They bring back memories of when we had only cents for pocket money to decide on our choice of snack for the day, sharing them with our friends at the mama shop nearest to school. As we may argue and squabble over which snacks are the best, there’s just so much to love about all of them and it probably has something to do with the sweet, simple memories they bring.

We hope with us, you take a trip down memory lane with childhood snacks that we all know and grew up with, that makes us Singaporeans so uniquely... Well, Singaporeans.

We hope you're getting nostalgic, because that was what got us starting this journal – here are some childhood goodies we love so much in Singapore.


Our top snack picks

When you hear the words “old school Singaporean snacks“, what comes to your mind? These old school Singaporean snacks will always have a place in our hearts. We listed our favourite three below, but uncover a whole list of them below, so you can relive those fond memories of school days with us!


Chupa Chups lollipops

Known for their vibrancy that instantly perks anyone up, the array of classic fruity and savory filled Chupa Chups lollipop flavors has been keeping sweets lovers smiling for over 60 years.

From bubble-gum-filled, fruit-filled, and chocolate-filled pops, to Whistle Pops and mini and the unforgettable giant Chupa Chups lollipops, the sweet selections are assorted and ever-expanding. There are even Chupa chups lolli inspired soda can drinks now! Amazing isn’t it? 

Which kid, or adult can resist one?

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Popo muruku

Minimally designed, this muruku is more than meets the eye. With a subtle fishy taste, these small cracker bits still pack a satisfying crunch with each bite and are so addictive- you’d know! You might’ve also come across the chicken flavour where the crackers are covered with a sweeter finish, but the fish flavour is still our favourite pick!

Great as an office pantry snack or to throw in your bag on an excursion or any outing! 

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Wheel crackers

Still a favourite till today and sold in carnivals alongside popcorn, it’s a joy to munch these potato-based crackers during a Netflix and chill night. 

Delightfully salty and addictive, these crackers are light and airy too! Thankfully they have fewer calories than a bag of potato chips, and are pretty guilt-free to munch on compared to their potato chip counterparts. See your friends squeal in glee and nostalgia as you appear with this bag of wheel crackers during a drinking gathering or a movie night!

Here’s where you can find, devour and share a whole range of other similar iconic retro snacks.

Our best-cuits, best biscuits

The assorted biscuits are usually stored in the metal containers that your Ah Ma and Ah Gong used to stash their cash in. How nostalgic!

Now these treats are packed into convenient smaller bags, making it perfect for sharing with younger kids, telling them how trendy this used to be “during our time”.

Say what they want but the old school biscuits are still the best around in Singapore. There’s a certain pride in knowing that no matter how different biscuits are now, we’ve tried some of the best and most special ones that are now considered traditional. 

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Iced gems

Growing up, these were definitely one of our favourite treats, so simple yet so good and there’s honestly quite nothing like it. The small biscuits topped with pink, yellow, white or green icing have been a hit with children here for several generations. One bite and it’ll bring back a whole flood of childhood memories again.

Which is your favourite colour and do you eat the icing separate from the biscuit? The debate is endless!


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Mini pineapple jam

Reawaken your taste buds with the king of old-school biscuits. Natural and sweet, savoury pineapple jam is pressed between two pieces of buttery biscuits. It’s definitely not only a childhood munch but also great to go with kopi before breakfast and work today. Once you start, you can’t stop! Ask Ah Kong! 

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Hoa poa durian

Hoa Poa (Durian) has a delicious crunch on the outside and an equally tasty durian-flavoured paste on the inside. Described as an acquired taste, this biscuit is for durian lovers who want to go back to basics and skip the flamboyance of new durian snacks in exchange for a good ol’ subtle, light flavour and ever so genuine wafer.

The biscuits are enhanced to a fragrant level that will satisfy a durian craving any time.

Here’s where you can find another whole range of nostalgic biscuits that will bring hits of memories and rich old flavours that you hardly come across in marts anymore.


Unforgettable traditional pastries

Just viewing these pastries, we hope they bring back some precious memories for you as much they do for us. We still see our grandparents religiously eat them today as a breakfast or mid-day snack and you know the saying, “listen to your elders or regret”.


Peanut cake

Die-hard Peanut and peanut butter fans will not be able to let go of this traditional treat no matter how modernised food becomes. Bite-sized, scrumptious and conveniently packed, these delicacies are Ideal for an afternoon snack with family and friends or for one’s sweet treats to eat on the go.

You can smell the delicious aroma of these cookies the moment you pry the lid. Savour the crunchy texture of the exterior. With each bite, you will taste the mouthful of fragrant peanut flavours, followed by the sweetness of each crumb.

You just have to pop more in your mouth! In this day, not only during Chinese festivals, people are eating them anywhere at home and in the office!

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More famously known as “小油条”, this is the legendary curly string biscuits!

It's a classic old school biscuit well loved by people who love to crunch and munch. Not to worry, what we have is not too hard but will crumble with each crispy bite. You are able to taste its full flavour, and the tinge of simple sweetness at the end. Perfect to dunk in a cup of coffee or tea !

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Tiger skin chocolate

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the cake exterior, this soft and moist cake has a legion of fans for decades for a reason. They are simply delicious, light but rich enough at the same time to take center stage on a dessert table or as a sumptuous hearty breakfast treat. See Ah Mah’s smile as you present her this soft sponge cake with chocolate ganache creamy texture the next time you visit.

Here’s are the complete set of pastries that are one of a kind, those your parents or grandparents will boast are “still the best” and “second to none”!

There are Singapore traditional snacks that we find ourselves exclaiming, "I love this biscuit! I haven’t eaten this for 10 years!”

We got you. You’ve come to the right place to find them.

These snacks are no longer commonly sold and our numerous shopping malls do not have them. Fret not, we are here to help you get your hands on these old school snacks as easy as possible- their heritage lives on!

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