Chinese New Year Goodies We Highly Recommend To Impress Your Guests!

Okay, 2020 was a bust.. But it’s time to welcome the new Lunar New Year and move on to a better 2021! 

Chinese New Year in Singapore is one of the most-awaited and celebrated events all around the country, it is arguably the most important celebration that marks the start of the Lunar New Year. 

Our favourite part of the Lunar New Year is getting to stock up and savor some of the best goodies in Singapore! Are you ready to visit family and friends this New Year and return the favour by feeding your guests impressively with the best array of tantalising snacks yet? 

Our wholesale supplies of CNY delights are all meticulously produced and handcrafted with traditional methods, using premium ingredients and no preservatives. You are guaranteed delightful freshness and savory satisfaction with every bite, be ready to experience the ultimate CNY experience with all our goodies!

While getting really excited, we recommend the best Chinese New Year goodie-classic delivery in Singapore to amaze your guests and yourselves! 


Our Recommended Chinese New Year Goodies!

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Pineapple Tart

C’mon now, what is CNY without pineapple tarts? They are literally everyone’s favourite due to their unique sweet and sour taste that can be enjoyed in one munch. 

These handmade mouth-watering tats are baked with perfect sweetness- great for those watching their sugar intake.

The crust is buttery, crumbly with organic pineapple filling that is guaranteed to delight your taste buds with an original sweetness. 

Gift these “Ong Lai” tarts to your loved ones to wish them utmost prosperity this year! 


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Honey Hole

Resembling a honeycomb or beehive, these honey hole snacks are our grandparents’ ultimate favourite.

Impress them with this ultra-thin, super crispy texture and ungreasy snack, and fret not as long as it remains in its airtight container the crips are going to last! 

Light, golden brown, aromatic and thin-crusted, this snack is definitely a must-have on your snack table during this festive season. 


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Egg Roll Original

A slightly more unique rendition of the traditional “love letters’, we recommend our Original Egg Roll goodie for a delightful taste and experience. 

Every bite guarantees a taste of extra crispy, fragrant egg roll crust that emits a splendid burst of fresh thick coconut milk aroma. 

While “love letters” are a must-have for every household, take it up a notch and present your guests with delightful options this year. 

We have original, chicken floss, pandan, and durian flavours available!


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Prawn Roll Spicy

One of the goodies that you will not miss in shelves of bakeries is the famous prawn roll or Hae Bee Hiam roll to be more “Singaporeanly-accurate”.

This handmade crispy and savoury snack that is imported from an established traditional Indonesia Brand beckons you to indulge. The spring roll skin is fried and wrapped with dried prawn filling and tasty chilli that are made from scratch- be prepared to be hit with freshness and fragrant aroma the moment you open the jar!


Our strive is to give our customers the range of handmade CNY goodies they demand, the convenience of having all of them in one order while uncompromising on their goodness, quality, and special traditions.

We curate our selection well aware of the richness of meaning behind each and every food.

Our customers usually start placing their orders 1 to 2 months before CNY to secure the quantity they want specifically for each type of goodie, all our online orders are reserved immediately upon purchase confirmation!

If you don’t like the hassle of squeezing through fairs and trying to grab a sample of each item, order your preferred CNY goodies from the comfort of your own home through our website with a few easy clicks, browse our specially curated selection at ease!

We have island-wide delivery. Free delivery above $150

You’ll most likely be coming back for more!

Equally thrilled as you for this upcoming festivity, Guan Chun Ding wishes all our customers utmost prosperity, good luck and health.